WETTANK - Join the Women’s Equity Think Tank network

Do you feel cross at the limits of present political debates and wonder why our leaders no longer talk about making societies better? Are you interested in feminist influenced social change? Would you like to contribute to putting making the good society back on the political agendas? Do you believe we both can and should make society fairer?

Join our new ideas and policy development network the Women’s Equity Think Tank (WETTANK). We intend to stimulate wider debates on serious policy alternatives and fill the gaps and repair the damage of limiting economic paradigms. This network will link up diverse creative, practical thinkers and doers to revive good policy making for advocating feminist futures.

How will it work?

WETTANK will operate as a think tank to put up ideas by identifying, connecting and resourcing active interested feminists who want to make a political difference. Join us if you are prepared to share your skills, knowledge, energy and enthusiasms. We need both those with experience and others wanting to learn how to make changes.

This is not a new organisation but a new way of working to change society